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COVID lockdown is extended in some areas of China's Hainan, and limits are tightened in Lhasa, Tibet

Image: Reuters Berita 24 English -  As part of the most recent measures to contain COVID clusters in the nation, a few cities in China's...

Image: Reuters

Berita 24 English -  As part of the most recent measures to contain COVID clusters in the nation, a few cities in China's vacation hotspot Hainan extended lockdowns on Friday, with some of the restrictions anticipated to persist into the weekend. Lhasa in Tibet also tightened restrictions.

Local governments have implemented shorter lockdowns where people were prohibited from needless movements for a few days or weeks until clusters were controlled inside smaller areas under the "dynamic COVID zero" policy, which tries to promptly stop each outbreak from spreading.

These lockdowns were less severe than Shanghai's two-month viral struggle in the spring, but as Omicron spreads more widely across China, additional towns may be forced to implement similar restrictions, which might affect local businesses.

Two cities in the southern Chinese province of Hainan, Dongfang and Chengmai, with a combined population of over 900,000, announced on Friday that they would extend the lockdowns for their people from the original three to four days to almost a week.

Haikou, the capital of the province of Hainan, imposed similar limits on its 2.9 inhabitants on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the busiest hours, and did the same thing on Friday between 0700 and 1800 local time.

Numerous Hainan cities, including Sanya, were in lockdown without any firm dates for when the limitations would be removed.

The largest city in the western province of Tibet, Lhasa, advised citizens not to leave their homes between Friday and Monday while COVID technicians performed disinfection work in the major metropolitan districts.

Small towns outside of Hainan and Tibet, such Fengcheng in Jiangxi's southeast and Kuqa in Xinjiang's west, issued warnings to citizens not to leave their homes unnecessarily during recent lockdowns.

Mainland According to the National Health Commission, China recorded 1,851 new domestically transmitted coronavirus infections on August 11 of which 648 showed symptoms and 1,203 did not.

More than a dozen provinces, regions, and municipalities, but predominantly Hainan, reported those new instances.

The country's death toll remained at 5,226 due to the absence of additional casualties.

On August 11, the southern technology hub of Shenzhen reported one new local case while the financial centre of Shanghai reported seven new local cases.

Beijing, the capital of China, reported no new regional cases.

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