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In a rocket attack, Kiev targets a region in southern Ukraine controlled by Russia

Image: Reuters Berita 24 English -  Russia continued to pound the country's east while Ukraine launched long-range rocket attacks on Rus...

Image: Reuters

Berita 24 English -  Russia continued to pound the country's east while Ukraine launched long-range rocket attacks on Russian forces in southern Ukraine and damaged an ammunition stockpile, according to its military.

52 persons were murdered in the attack on Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson region, the Ukrainian military reported on Tuesday. According to the town's leadership, who were established by Russia, at least seven people had died and about 70 had been hurt.

After Washington provided Ukraine with cutting-edge HIMARS mobile artillery weapons, which Kyiv claims its soldiers are employing with increasing effectiveness, the attack took place.

The combat accounts could not be independently verified by Reuters.

The enemy lost five and a half (persons), a Msta-B howitzer, a mortar, seven armoured and other vehicles, as well as an ammunition depot in Nova Kakhovka, according to the findings of our rocket and artillery units, the southern military command of Ukraine stated in a statement.

The strike, according to pro-Russian sources, killed people.

Due of its proximity to Crimea, which Russia has occupied, access to the Black Sea, once-vibrant agricultural industry, and strategic location.

Unreliable social media footage showed a massive fireball blazing into the night sky. Images from Russian official television showed a wasteland covered in debris and the wreckage of demolished structures.

According to a representative of the local government that receives support from Russia, Ukraine employed HIMARS missiles to destroy saltpetre stockpiles, which can be used to create fertiliser or gunpowder.

"Under the debris, there are still numerous individuals. Although many people are confined to their homes and apartments, the injured are being transported to the hospital "TASS cited Vladimir Leontyev, the leader of the military-civilian administration for the Kakhovka District that Russia installed.

He claimed that a church, a pharmacy, a petrol station, and warehouses had all been damaged.

A request for comment regarding the type of weapon deployed did not immediately elicit a response from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.


As this was happening, Russia stepped up its attacks on eastern Ukraine in an effort to seize the province of Donetsk as well as the entire industrial Donbas region. The remainder of the Donbass was taken by Moscow earlier this month, including the province of Luhansk.

On behalf of rebels backed by Moscow in two self-declared people's republics whose independence it recognised on the eve of the conflict, Russia claims it intends to seize the Donbas from Ukraine.

In anticipation of a significant new Russian onslaught in the east, Ukraine is preparing. Russian troops have reportedly been concentrating in large numbers in the Bakhmut and Siversky regions, as well as in the vicinity of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, according to regional governor of Donetsk Pavlo Kyrylenko.

Russian troops attempted to burst through but were met with resistance along the whole front line in the area, he claimed.

The biggest battle in Europe since World War Two is Russia's assault in Ukraine, which it refers to as a "special military operation." It has been going on for about five months.

In order to demilitarise Ukraine and get rid of nationalists who pose a threat to Russian speakers there, Russia claims to have dispatched troops there on February 24. Russia's assertions, according to Ukraine and Western nations, are a flimsy justification for an invasion.

According to the U.N., the conflict has destroyed Ukrainian cities and forced 5.2 million people to leave the nation.

According to the U.N. human rights office, 5,024 people have died in Ukraine since the invasion started, although the actual death toll is likely considerably higher.

The fighting has prevented Ukraine's grain from leaving the country, worsening the world food crisis. At the important Black Sea port of Odesa, more than 20 million tonnes of grain are trapped in silos.

Military representatives from Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine will meet with U.N. representatives in Istanbul on Wednesday to negotiate a potential agreement to resume secure grain exports from Ukraine, according to Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar.

Yuriy Vaskov, Ukraine's deputy minister of infrastructure, stated that grain shipments via the Danube River have increased with the reopening of the Bystre canal, which offers access to tiny inland river ports, despite Russia's blockade of Ukraine's key Black Sea ports.

Vaskov stated that as a result, Ukraine anticipates a 500,000 tonne monthly increase in grain exports. According to him, Ukraine is also in talks with Romania and the European Commission to increase shipping through the Sulina canal.

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