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In contrast to China, Russia claims that the West'shoots themselves in the head' over Ukraine

Image: Reuters  Berita 24 English - In contrast to China, which has increased energy deliveries, Russia said on Wednesday that the West had ...

Image: Reuters 

Berita 24 English - In contrast to China, which has increased energy deliveries, Russia said on Wednesday that the West had "shot itself in the head" by attempting to curtail energy imports from Siberian oil and gas reserves owing to the Ukraine war.

The war in Ukraine - and the West's attempt to isolate Russia as a result of the invasion - has pushed grain, cooking oil, fertiliser, and energy prices surging, even as Europe vows to lessen its reliance on Russian oil and gas.

Russia's strategic partnership with China has resisted attempts by the West to create division, according to Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova, while the US and its European allies have ruined their relationship with Moscow.

"China knows what it wants and doesn't shoot itself in the foot when it comes to energy supplies. They shoot themselves in the head to the west of Moscow "Reporters were briefed by Zakharova.

"The West has cut us off from the rest of the world," Zakharova remarked.

She portrayed the European Union as on a "suicidal" path by attempting to diversify away from Russian energy, which has supplied Germany since the Cold War's peak.

After Saudi Arabia, Russia is the world's second largest oil exporter and the world's largest natural gas exporter.

Russia's diplomatic resources, according to Zakharova, have already been moved away from Europe, the United States, and Canada and toward Asia, Africa, and the former Soviet Union.

President Vladimir Putin claims that relations with China are at an all-time high, praising a strategic alliance geared at opposing American dominance.

'STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP' is a term used to describe a relationship that is strategic in nature.

Putin's decision to invade Ukraine is being blamed by the US and European countries as the reason for the worst state of relations with the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, which included the most punitive sanctions in modern history.

Putin, who refers to the conflict as a "special military operation," accuses the US of humiliating Russia in the aftermath of the Soviet Union's demise in 1991 and threatening Moscow by expanding NATO's military alliance.

On February 24, Russia dispatched troops to Ukraine in order to impair its southern neighbor's military capabilities, apprehend "dangerous nationalists," and protect Russian-speakers in two eastern Ukrainian districts.

Ukraine claims that Russia has begun an imperial land grab and that it would never give its territory to Russia, which controls large swaths of the country's southern and eastern regions.

During a phone chat with Putin on Wednesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping informed Putin that China and Russia were willing to continue to assist each other on matters affecting basic interests and major concerns such as sovereignty and security, according to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.

According to the Kremlin, "the leaders noted that Russian-Chinese relations are at an unparalleled high level and are steadily improving."

"The Chinese President praised Russia's measures in defending its fundamental national interests in the face of security threats posed by external forces."

President Joe Biden of the United States claims that the West is at odds with autocratic governments such as China and Russia.

Officials from both Russia and China say the US is confronting the task of adapting to a world in which it will no longer be the dominant superpower.

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